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It’s no secret that WordPress websites are prime targets for hacking. When 43% of ALL websites are WordPress, it’s only natural that you hear about WP hacks more often than other CMS’s.

Many of our new clients come to us with a hacked website – oftentimes they don’t even realise they’ve been hacked – just that their sites is very slow or behaves strangely.

BlueSix WordPress malware removal service restores hacked websites to their normal state. Additionally, we’ll often recommend¬† removal of plugins that are known for vulnerabilities, or recommend better plugins that can be used instead.

  1. Protect your website from malicious attacks with our WordPress malware removal service. We quickly identify and remove any harmful code from your site, ensuring that it remains secure and running smoothly.
  2. Don’t let malware ruin your Google presence – our WordPress malware removal service has got you covered, ensuring you get back into Google’s good books after a hack.
  3. “Post hack upkeep”. We recommend strategies and tools to keep your site safe after a hack.

Tips for keeping your website safe

Did you know that 96% of WP websites are hacked due to a plugin vulnerability? This means there was a bug in the plugin code that allowed an attacker access to your website that was left unpatched, typically because it wasn’t updated in a timely manner. So in order to remain secure, it’s vital that you perform plugin (and themes) updates frequently – we provide this service as part of our hosting plans – we don’t want any of our client’s sites hacked!

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