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Pricing & Packages

Wordpress Hosting & Maintenance Plans

All of our WordPress plans comes with a maintenance package. Business critical features like malware protection, SSL, backup, and weekly plugins & theme updates. On our higher tier plans, you also get access to premium plugins and performance improvements.


Great for small websites, with low traffic and a few plugins

  • Weekly WordPress, theme and plugins updates
  • Monthly offsite backup
  • SSL

$70/mo excl gst

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For sites with regular amounts of moderate traffic and up to 10 plugins

  • Weekly WordPress, theme and plugins updates
  • Daily offsite backup
  • SSL
  • Enhanced Caching
  • Enhanced Security
  • Database Optimisation
  • Premium plugins included: Gravity Forms, WP Rocket

$90/mo excl gst

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More memory and CPU power, perfect if you’re using Woocommerce, have a lot of traffic, or a lot of plugins and a lot of content

  • Weekly WordPress, theme and plugins updates
  • Daily offsite backup
  • SSL
  • Enhanced Caching
  • Enhanced Security
  • Custom Cloudflare Firewall rules (WAF)
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Database Optimisation
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Premium plugins included: Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields, WP Rocket

$110/mo excl gst

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Larger servers available, up to 32GB of memory / 640GB storage – contact us for pricing. Prices are in AUD. Plans are charged annually.

Who uses BlueSix Hosting?

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Why BlueSix Hosting?


We have a strong track record of uptime, which means your website will be available to visitors at all times. Hand craft servers, management software, monitoring software and enhanced security measure ensures our reliability is the best in the market.


Security is paramount. In an age where websites are getting hacked every day, it’s absolutely critical to us and your business that your website remains secure. From simple things like free, automatically renewed SSL certificates, regularly updated server stacks, regular WordPress updates, login alerts – we have you covered.


Website speed is an important factor for both search engine ranking and user experience. We choose servers that are close to your users, with server architecture that’s purpose-built for speed. For clients with truly global audiences, we implement Content Delivery Networks so your site is served to locations close to the users.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Wordpress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS) software. Over 40% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress – its numbers are staggering. Which makes WordPress the perfect tool to power your business – its ubiquity means that virtually any functionality you can think of has already been built by someone else and is available as a plugin or a theme. Gone are the days of expensive custom builds for common things like contact forms and CRM integration. Fully functioning basic sites can be built in under week.

However there’s a drawback – WordPress’s ubiquity means it’s a target for hackers. If a vulnerability is discovered in a commonly used plugin, literally millions of websites are exposed in an instant. That’s where BlueSix comes in – we provide several layers of security on your website to prevent hackers breaking into your site. We look after all the software updates and backups.

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